Using Komplete Kontrol S Series keyboards with an iPad (tested and working)

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I paste here the “guide” step by step to connect an S Series keyboard to an iPad that I gave in another thread since often we find incorrect/incomplete answers:

S49 CAN be used with an iPad (tested and working).

3 different solutions:

What you will need is:

A) An iPad with USB C connector

An USB B to USB C cable 

Any kind of app that produces the sound you want in the iPad (in my example down under I’m using Korg Module app)

Inconvenience with this setup: all iPads that has an USB C connection have lost their headphones plug, so you won’t be able to use headphones (don’t even try with Bluetooth ones: latency makes playing impossible)

B) An iPad with lightning connector

Some sort of midi adaptor (in the example I’m using an iRig pro, circled in yellow) that connects to the iPad via the lightning connection and the adequate midi cable (in this case mini plug to 5 pin, bundled with the iRig pro)

In this case you’ll plug the s49 with its midi 5pin connector (not the usb) and your headphones in the headphones jack of the iPad (in any case, it’s the iPad app that produces the sound, not the keyboard itself)

Sorry but I couldn’t upload the videos (the forum doesn’t allow videos)

But believe me: I tested everything for you and it is indeed working 😉

Last solution: C) an audio interface with also 5pin midi connectors, that will allow to plug your keyboard to the iPad, but in this case it seems a little too overpowered for the job (and the setup starts being less and less “portable”)

Naturally the s49 must be in midi mode, since no NI software and no computer is involved


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