Battery 4 - request to bring back old features

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Hi! First of all thanks to NI for making Battery4 silicon native, awesome!

However I'd like to request 2 things that were already fixed but now seem to be broken:

  • as soon as you close the plugin window and open it again, you can start over searching, this has been the case for a while now, before it was way better: I was scrolling through for instance snare sounds, closing the plugin going back to mixing, and deciding I want to check another sample: reopen the plugin window, and the instance was still showing where I was, selected tags were remembered, and if I was searching for samples instead of kits, I was still in the sample tab right at the point in the samples list where I stopped scrolling. This is now gone // broken , close the plugin, and you can start all over like when inserting a fresh new instance
  • second: when you scroll through samples using the arrow keys on your keyboard, the samples list doesn't follow the scrolling, so if I for instance begin scrolling on top of the sample list and go down, I have to use my mouse afterwards to follow the samples list and find the sample selected in the list first before I can actually drag it to a cell, that's quite annoying

Hope NI will have some time to look into these 2 things. Thanks already :-)


  • RobertDorn
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    Helllooo, anybody there?

    Also the loop button bottom left in Battery 4.3.0 is broken. Actually my topic title should have been 'please fix broken features with newer releases of Battery' . First the plugin search results resetting itself upon closing the plugin window and reopening, and now browsing the sample list won't follow along when scrolling with your keyboard arrows.

    Could someone from Native Instruments chime in? THANKS already

  • RobertDorn
    RobertDorn Member Posts: 39 Member

    BUMP , created a support ticket as well but no response on that

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