The latest Massive X update made using the browser even worse

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For some reason NI require us to double-click presets in the browser to load them. This is annoying and pointless. When I saw "Various browser fixes and enhancements" in the patch notes I downloaded the update hoping this workflow annoyance had finally been done away with.

However, not only do you still have to double-click presets, but now doing so closes the browser once the preset is loaded! Amazing. An extra annoyance on top of the old one. The synth now feels even worse to use, which is the opposite of what should be happening.

Could you please revert this change and implement single-click preset loading, thank you.



  • dogbreath11
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    i 100% agree. its a ball ache having to double click every time. same goes for komplete kontrol & kontakt. in maschine & super 8 you only have to click once and this makes a much better work flow. please fix this ni

  • Kymeia
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    edited April 11

    Yes I agree too - not to mention the slight improvements with user tagging are still not really what users wanted which was the ability to not just tag patches (you can do that better in Komplete Kontrol where at least you can select and tag more than one patch at a time) but also create user banks to organise them

  • DaniloVillanova
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    MX could be the best synth ever made, but the glacial pace of development is discouraging.

  • Wall Bird
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    Yes. Seconded. Please keep the browser window open when clicking through presets, or at least give the option to enable/disable that feature. It is extremely irritating to have to continually reopen the browser.

    Additionally, it would be an improvement if it didn't take two clicks every time I clicked on a preset.

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