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I am also a person who stopped using BATTERY because of the lack of a very basic feature with the Undo button.

Battery is such an amazing plugin, but it can be very easy to completely lose a sound you’ve made.

The ability to undo and go back is not an optional item in music software it’s a basic function of software we have been asking for this feature for 10 years! There is nothing more damaging to your flow and creativity than to lose your sound from a accidental sound change…. Especially when you spent a long time finding a sound and then using the great tools Battery has to tweak and make it perfect for your production. I have literally quit sessions from shear aggravation of losing a sound. I’m not a hack, I’m generally very careful but when it happens and there’s no turn back, it’s a show stopper.

I probably just won’t use Battery anymore, but it is a shame. I’ll think twice and do lots of research before buying any more NI software.


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    I was also asking for Undo on this forum a decade ago. Battery is over twenty years old, and people have asked for this feature since it came out.

    At some point maybe four or five years ago, someone from NI said they were going to prioritize it.

    As I said before, refusing for twenty-one years to add a basic feature that has been standard since the 1980s shows a complete lack of pride in your workmanship.

    I am a programmer and I would be ashamed, just humiliated, to sell such a shoddy product.

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    I just found this comment from almost exactly ten years ago:

    "Screw upgrading to Battery 4. I mean, seriously, 2013 and no undo? Give me a break. Even Notepad has undo."

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    Late 2023! Still no UNDO button?


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    Another year, could this be the one? (Probably not…)

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