Can't put new komplete tracks after updating to Ventura

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Hello out there,

I am a Newbie, so sorry me, if this problem was already discussed. I tried hard to research it, but didn´t find an answer anywhere.

The Problem: After upgrading my 2017 Intel-Mac to Ventura (I would not do it again) and logic pro x to 10.7.7. I have a major problem with my komplete-software. When I start a new project everything works fine (different tracks - audio, software etc. -) until I put a plugin (f.e. scaler 2 oder a ssl-eq) onto an AUDIOTRACK. Suddenly I cannot put new komplete tracks in my project. The snapshots only crackle and even the older komplete-tracks dont work anymore. If I delete the audiotrack with the plugin, everything works fine again. Any Ideas?


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    So what happens if you don't use KK, but use the SSL EQ with other tracks using different instruments or Logic plugins. Doesn't sound like its a KK problem, but an effect problem.

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    @Rocknrolf Can you put other plug-ins, Logic stock plug-in instruments? Do you have the same issue?

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