Kontakt crashes very often

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Hi. I changed my laptop recently (went from a msi stealth GS63 to a MSI Vector GP66).

I am using FL studio, and had almost no problem with my previous laptop. I encounter crashes with this new one whenever I use kontakt : crashes with no popup, the sound just glitches then no more sound. I tried to look online for some help, but couldn't find any.. Any idea how to fix this ? It's really bothering ..

https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/4346/fl-crashes-closes-when-using-kontakt here they talk about it being a problem from samsung ssds. I actually have my libraries on my samsung T5 external ssd, but i had 0 problems with my previous laptop so .. ?

And I tried all the things from this post, still nothing changes https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004169849-KONTAKT-Crashes


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  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey there. If crashes occur with Kontakt, please follow these steps: KONTAKT Crashes

    If that doesn't fix the issue, then contact our support specialists here,don't forget to provide the result of our support tool: http://bit.ly/NIsupport_kontakt


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    So when you say it crashes does it crash when:

    • You open a saved project
    • When you add an instance of Kontakt
    • When you begin playback of your project
    • When you play an instrument in Kontakt with your keyboard


    • Does it actually crash your application or does the sound simply stop working?
    • Does it crash 100% of the time if Kontakt is loaded on a track?
    • How long does it take to crash?
    • Is it specfic instruments or any instrument (have you tested this)?
    • Does it make any difference if there is 1 or several instances?

    Reading between the liknes it doesn'ty sound like it is a crash of FL Studio that happens, more the plugin stops producing sound? Would that be more accurate? If so, is the plugin still functional in regards to clicking things and ios it possible to load another instrument, does that then work?

    Could be an issue in streaming the samples. If the library is on an external SSD, is that in a USB2 or USB3 compatible enclosure?

    Have you tried adjusting any of these settings in the Kontakt plugin options:

    Do you have an actual audio interface (and what are the settings) or are you using the in-built audio of the laptop, and what audio driver (WMD, ASIO, ASIO4ALL) and again, what are the settings.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Herve38 Any update?

  • Herve38
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    Hi ! sorry for the delay i wasn't at home during this time. So to answer your questions :

    it doesn't crash when i open a project, or when i add an instance of kontakt. It usually crashes when i'm playing my project. For example, my current project is composed of 2 Kontakt instances, one with strings ensemble, and the other one for Alicia's Keys. Alicia's Keys always crashes for some reasons..

    When a crash occurs, the sound stops working and when I open the kontakt instance, it says this :

    and i need to click on the "reload plugin" button.

    The crashing pattern seems random.. I noticed the "current voices" number seem pretty high even though i only play triad chords (it goes up to like 30 voices ??)

    (i just found out while reproducing a crash that even though the disk is at 0%, it goes red for like 1s then the crash occurs)

    So I tried to press a lot of keys to "force" a crash but the time it takes to crash is random. Until now I didn't really pay attention to which instrument in kontakt made it crash, but for this current project it looks like only Alicia's Keys is crashing while string ensemble isn't crashing at all. I indeed have my samples on a samsung T5 ssd, and I use a usb-C cable.

    My audio interface is Kontakt Audio 2, here are the settings :

    PS : i tried changing the DFD setting from instruments option (set up to 90 kb), doesn't seem to work.

  • Gee_Flat
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    I can't speak to the crashing, although I would recommend to keep using K6 if you have it.

    But the 'ASIO Buffer Size' for your 'Komplete Audio 2' is far to high. The driver would have set it much lower than that when installed. From my experience with it set that high you will have an unusable delay when playing instruments with your keyboard.

    With a powerful system such as your new PC it should be set to 128, or at most 256.

  • Herve38
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    Hi, indeed, i used to keep this buffer size with my old laptop and switch to 256 when i had to record anything.. But i can definitely put it lower right now with my new laptop i guess

  • steelplus
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    I have the exact same symptoms as this after a recent update to Windows 11.

    It occurs when I load large libraries such as Spitfire Chamber Strings or Tokyo Scoring Drum Kit with the latest build of FLStudio and KONTAKT7 64bit.

    When the number of simultaneous notes increases, the sound starts to cut out and FLStudio crashes as it is. The reproduction probability is 100%.

    Sometimes loading multiple KONTAKT libraries at the same time improves the symptoms, but this depends on luck and I don't know why.

    I think it is a bug between FLStudio, Windows 11 and KONTAKT, as the same problem does not occur when KONTAKT is launched stand-alone.

    I contacted Spitfire and Native Instruments support, but they did not seem to reproduce it there.

    In other forums, it has been suggested that the filenames of the samples in the KONTAKT library are causing the bug, but this is something only the developers will know.

  • Herve38
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    I see, so it doesn't come from my new laptop's settings I guess.. I try not to use kontakt for my new projects but that's a big handicap i would say, i hope there will be a fix soon. I was planning to update my K12U to K14U in the summer sales, i hope it'll be fixed by then 😥.

  • DunedinDragon
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    My immediate impression is that you're using a gaming computer which sometimes does some "edgy" things with memory, processing and graphics. Is it possible to "normalize" those kind of special settings on the laptop to see if they're influencing these crashes. The only reason I bring this up is my son had a problem on his high end gaming machine when using normal demanding programs such as Adobe video editing and video effects which was resolved by bringing the "special" setting back to something more normal.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey there. If crashes occur with Kontakt, please follow these steps: KONTAKT Crashes

    If that doesn't fix the issue, then contact our support specialists here,don't forget to provide the result of our support tool: http://bit.ly/NIsupport_kontakt

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