Kontakt 7 Library Not Found error persistent after repair

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Recently, I moved all of my VST Plugins over to another hard drive. There was no issue except for one library in particular: the Shimmer Shake Strike library by In Session Audio no longer works whereas other Kontakt libraries had no issue with the transfer and I am still able to use them. I've done just about as much research as I can and have not found an example of this particular issue. In Kontakt, the library displays with the error message, "Library Not Found" with options to manage libraries or hide it. Upon attempting to Repair the library in Native Access 2 to the correct file location, the error message continues to show in Kontakt even after refreshing and restarting my computer. Attempting to reinstall the library results in it displaying as "Queued" but never beginning to actually reinstall, getting stuck on "Starting..." I've tried moving the library to other folders and even the previous folder it was located in and repairing it, but it made no difference. I'm very stumped and frustrated by this issue; I'd appreciate if someone has a solution.



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    My next step would be to remove it entirely from your system so that N.A.2 can do a fresh install.

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    @Unfinished Since it's a third party library, the best would be to re-download the library and install it / locate it once again from Native Access.

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