Hardware pedal for Guitar Rig 5 and 6

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I see that there used to be a couple different foot pedal controllers from NI for GR2 and 3. What are people using now with GR 5 and 6?



  • Wouter De Muynck
    Wouter De Muynck Niel (Belgium)Member Posts: 15 Sine

    I’m using an Xsonic airstep together with GR6 and this works very well! GR doesn’t send MIDI messages to display the on/off state of an effect, that’s a downside. Apart from that, smooth controller. https://xsonicaudio.com/pages/airstep

  • Gandi
    Gandi Member Posts: 14 Sine

    I'm from the Behringer faction:

    FCB1010. I'm also satisfied.

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