Hardware pedal for Guitar Rig 5 and 6

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I see that there used to be a couple different foot pedal controllers from NI for GR2 and 3. What are people using now with GR 5 and 6?



  • Wouter De Muynck
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    I’m using an Xsonic airstep together with GR6 and this works very well! GR doesn’t send MIDI messages to display the on/off state of an effect, that’s a downside. Apart from that, smooth controller. https://xsonicaudio.com/pages/airstep

  • Gandi
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    I'm from the Behringer faction:

    FCB1010. I'm also satisfied.

  • Axel Vapaa
    Axel Vapaa Member Posts: 5 Newcomer

    Hi all,

    I've got a question concerning potentially buying a pedal board for Guitar Rig 6.

    First, is there one thing that I need to look for when buying to make sure the pedal board works with GR6?

    Second, can you have the sounds loaded (from GR6) into the pedal board? Meaning, when I'm on stage, I don't need a computer to have the sounds, and I can just have my pedal board loaded with the sounds from GR6???

    Thanks for the help! =)

  • Wouter De Muynck
    Wouter De Muynck Member Posts: 193 Pro

    @Axel Vapaa The MIDI footcontroller you choose depends on your personal preference. Look & feel of the pedal will make the difference, just take a good look at the specs. Regarding the second question, you always need to connect the laptop during your performance. You can not download the presents to an off-line device.

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