Session guitarist - Electric Mint crash on Kontakt 7 but works on Kontakt 6

Marja-Leena Vuorinen
Marja-Leena Vuorinen Member Posts: 2 Newcomer


I'm new with NI products and just going trough standard package and it's instruments couple days now.

I have faced problem with Kontakt 7 and Session guitarist - Electric Mint. When i try open it on stand alone mode or trough DAW it freezes when i try open it and i need to force quit software, but on Kontakt 6 it opens right away and works fine.

I run macOS Monterey on my Macbook air M1 8gb, library on external ssd.

Is that known bug or something just i face for some reason?



  • Gee_Flat
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    I can't really speak from experience, but there seems to be some issues with K7. And they seem to affect mac users more than win users judging by feedback on this forum. The benefits of using version 7 compared to version 6 aren't so significant that Session Guitarist would perform any different, so using K6 is your best solution.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Marja-Leena Vuorinen What DAW are you using?

    Do Kontakt 7 and your DAW have Full Disk Access? How to Enable Full Disk Access on macOS

    What's the format of the external hard drive? When in Kontakt 7 in standalone are you running it in Rosetta mode or ARM mode? How to Open Your DAW Using Rosetta

  • Marja-Leena Vuorinen
    Marja-Leena Vuorinen Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    I'm using Ableton Live. Yes they both have full disk access. External ssd is apfs.

    They both run on ARM mode.

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