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I have downloaded everything 2 or 3 times, I've updated Native Access, Native Access says I'm downloaded.. But I cannot download get Kontakt 7 to work after working on this for hours now. This is the best I've gotten. Always a waste of a day with Native Instruments! Can someone please help me? How can you continue to charge so much money and make things so difficult? I can't get a driver, I can't get help.. how can every other plug-in company do it and you cannot NI? Soul sucking.

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    I'm not much help. What's your mac model, OS and Native Access version number? If we're lucky it's fixable.

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    Follow these instructions line by line. Get Kontakt installed and working by itself before trying to use it in your DAW.


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    Hey @maggard.jason Instead of foul language in the title (that's what the stars are for!) it might be easier to state the nature of the issue there. It seems you got help from our support 2 days after your request. It seems you're on 10.14. Kontakt 7 requires OS 10.15 as a minimum as stated on the product's page.

    It would also have been nice to answer all these people that were kind enough to offer their help.

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    Thank you all for the help. Apologies I’m just now responding, I only have occasional Saturdays free. My problem was solved by updating to 10.15.

    However, after updating to 10.15, things still seemed to be very complicated, although all contents were downloaded to the correct location after moving folders and working to clear the extra 100 MB of space just to install.

    This was an obvious and silly error on my part. I’m normally level headed. I must have jumped to conclusions because of the many similar instances I’ve had in the past. On the bright side of things, I’ve learned so much more about computers than I ever thought I would! Thank you for that Native Instruments.

    I appreciate and respect the hard work that goes into making a software product like this. But I stand by my statement that it could be a lot more user friendly and intuitive for the price. There are other products that do very well and don’t need a forum for customers to help themselves figure it out. Especially considering the price tag.

    The hardware is excellent though!

    Thanks to all

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