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Mikey T
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Regular user of GR6 here.

Whenever loading a file into the tape player, the loop button always defaults to on (even after I've disabled it during previous playback).

I'd like to request that the loop button not continually default to on.

It's my regular custom to load one of my practice files and listen back in the background while browsing or doing other tasks. In this case, I prefer playback stop at the end. This is especially true when hearing a file for the first time. I have no idea it's looped sometimes and end up adding minutes to listening time.

Of course, I can disable loop upon loading a file but don't always remember to (and really prefer not to every time I load a file).

I just keep forgetting to disable loop each time I load a file and get tired of disabling it when I do remember. Mainly, when I'm listening in the background and can't see the playback counter.

But I won't make this request without saying Thank You for everything!

I've recorded all my best practices with Guitar Rig and love listening back to the DI files through different rigs!


  • toddkc
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    This seems to be a personal preference thing, and whatever they do someone won't like. I use it to practice solos over backing tracks so I want it to default to loop.

    Can't please everybody 🤣

  • Eddie_NI
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    Hey folks,

    thanks for the feedback!👍️

    Here's an idea: How about the loop button just keeps the current state whenever you load a file?

    So then in either case you only need to push the button once to get your desired behaviour and keep it. Would that work for you?



  • Mikey T
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    Yes definitely. Eddie stated it best. To keep the desired state until otherwise needed. That way both user prefs are satisfied. It would be cool if loop remembered it's state after closing and reopening GR also.

    I see how looping is used more for jamming and looping solo takes as the previous poster mentioned. Definitely more common than me just wanting playback to stop at the end of each file when I'm listening back to my practices. It's no biggie, I just need to remember to disable loop when listening with other windows open.

    I'm in listen back mode right now more so than jam & loop mode. I've already recorded a lot of practice sessions using GR and listening back now. I like recording hours & hours of practice and then listening a week or two later so everything is a surprise! Some of the recordings are several minutes long so I don't realize it's looped.

    But I understand why loop enabled is the common default. My use right now is not so common.

    Thanks Eddie!

  • Eddie_NI
    Eddie_NI Product Team Posts: 35 mod

    Hey @Mikey T

    I'm pretty confident that we will have both issues fixed with the next Guitar Rig 6 update. So the loop button will keep its state when loading a new file and when closing/restarting Guitar Rig.



  • Mikey T
    Mikey T Member Posts: 3 Sine

    Thanks again Eddie!

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