Using N.I. software with old version of Logic Pro X?

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I have an old version, 10.2 (2015?) of Logic Pro X. which I am using with both, it's presets, and those with the standard software package I got with the N.I. 49 key, series 2, just installed a week ago.

I am getting a lot of problems with System overload. I have tried all the suggested things. Still the same. I may try getting more memory, upgrading to 16Gb from 8 Gb, but I have been told that my 2013 iMac, with 10. 14 6 Mojave may be too old to run the N.I. soft ware without glitches. Is there any one out there with any suggestions.

I do not have the money to buy new iMac and new Logic Pro X soft ware. But as things are at present the N.I. is a waste of money, as not working with my current set up. Any similar probs and solutions out there from you guys?

Thx, Ian


  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey Ian,

    All of our products are supported on Mac 10.14, as stated on all of our product pages, under System Requirements. The problem lies somewhere else. Is the problem only in Logic ? If you open Kontakt in standalone, do you have glitches as well ? If you installed your Kontakt libraries on an external hard drive, what is the format of that drive ? We recommend to format those to APFS or MacOS extended (journaled) as explained here: Notes on Hard Drive Formats on Mac Computers

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    I have a Mac Pro running 10.14.6 MOJAVE.. I also have 96 gigs of Rams. I almost never run into a system overload. Though it has happened a few times. I suggest get more Rams. That should work. And make sure you use a SSD Hard drive. That helps top...

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     I also have 96 gigs of Rams.

    Unless you are trying to load and analyse the entire history of mankind's genetic code, 32GB is probably about all one really needs even for general video editing, anything more than 64GB without a very specific need is complete overkill and most likely wasted resources as you will never consume that much. If you are loading any project that utilises that much RAM, you probably have things a little bloated. System "overload" is never a RAM problem, it is CPU/Resource related and no amount or Rams will help there.

    Definatelly 8GB is pretty slim on Ram these days, 16GB I would say is your minimum target with 32 being ideal.

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