How do you get instruments to show in Kontakt player?

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Completely new to Kontakt... I have native access installed. I installed Kontakt and a bunch of other stuff (Komplete, Guitar Rig)... but I was under the impression Kontakt had a bunch of instruments (synths etc) that came with it... when I load up the stand alone Kontakt or as an instrument in my DAW (cakewalk)... it's blank. I don't know why instruments aren't showing (videos online I viewed, they just seem to be there), or where to find them if they live somewhere on my drive.

I know a complete beginner question, but I searched the community and tried to find documentation with no luck. Thanks in advance.



  • Tony Jones
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    Did you install the library? You need to install some synths as well, such as Massive

  • Nico_NI
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    You might want to look for the Kontakt Factory Library in your Native Access and check if you've installed it already.

  • kendomixes
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    thank you - I don't see anything called Library but Kontakt Factory Selection looks like it may include some instruments. Will also look for Massive

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    @kendomixes Did you manage to find the library? :)

    If the problem still persists, this article has all the troubleshooting steps you might wanna check out: I cannot find my library in Kontakt

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