Karriem Riggins Drums - Making a custom preset / kit from scratch?



  • BrothelWaffles
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    Yeah, that's what I've been trying to explain, all the settings under that Stems section are what's been tripping me up this whole time. Ctrl-clicking those either sets them to 100 or 0, neither of which does anything to help me since those settings control things like Attack, Gain, Room, Spring, etc. Those are the settings I was saying I need to fine tune every time, and they're inherited every time I switch a sample. Makes absolutely no sense to me that those settings aren't handled and loaded on a sample by sample basis, it makes it next to impossible to build your own kits without a ton of extra work and experimenting trying to get things to sound right.

  • EvilDragon
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    No that's just how the stems are named. They are not actual synthesis parameters! It's the actual raw drum sample ran through some outboard processing then resampled. In general whatever the first knob is, set it to 100%, others to 0%, you will get the same sound as the preview. I just tried it with Karriem library and that's basically it.

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    Didn’t know Karriem utilize also stems. Thank you for the info

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