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zen drummer
zen drummer Member Posts: 26 Member

Hi, Is Native Instruments Making a upgrade to a Battery 5? It is already my favorite vst but would like to see more internal effects and a midi cc command like the space bar to control the panic button or a dedicated stop playback button. But still a great, great program.


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  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @zen drummer It's not planned at the moment.

  • DrWashington
    DrWashington Member Posts: 5 Member

    I for one really, really wish NI would prioritize it. There are tons and tons of sample libraries that have Battery kits that I'd like to use, but Battery 4 has pretty much always sucked and is more or less unusable with the tiny GUI.

    Please make Battery 5 happen.

  • DannyDan
    DannyDan Member Posts: 12 Member

    +1 I agree

  • DrWashington
    DrWashington Member Posts: 5 Member

    And just to be clear, I LOVED Battery 3. It had a few rough edges but I thought in many ways Battery 4 was a regression. Even simple things like being able to see which key you were hitting by the cell lighting up when it was empty so you could see where to drop your next sample you want to play with was really nice. I used to love building kits with it. Battery 4 just never felt finished and sometimes gets stuck scanning samples for ridiculous amounts of time.

    It improved over 3 in some ways, but not really in the ways I really cared about so much. I just want there to be a Battery 5 that takes the best of both and expands on them, even literally with a scalable UI already.

    NI: plan it already! Don't let it languish! Please! I don't want more sample library based instruments, there are too many, it's a deluge at this point. I want real tools that real electronic musicians can sink their teeth into! Please don't dry up as a company and find a way to make it happen.

    (And I'm still upset that you killed off Spektral Delay and Vokator: nothing sounded quite like them and still doesn't.)

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