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I most of the time see recommendations for setting Kontakt in a way that avoids stressing low performance computers, setting this to avoid lag or that to use the less posible RAM.

What would be the best settings for 24 cores Intel i9 13900T, 128 GB RAM DDR4 3200 MHz CAS 14 and 2x 8TB M.2 SSD 7000 MB/s, please ?

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    Just use the default settings. You have plenty of processing power. It only becomes a question if you don't. The key things are really where you have your libraries because that can be the big menace if you're using big libraries. Hopefully your SSD's are internal not external as that will always be a big performance difference. It's best to keep your libraries stored separately from your system drive but on an internal bus SSD for best performance.

    Of course if you're developing significant sized projects such as full orchestrated cinematic soundtracks with LOTS of tracks, then performance could become a consideration, but that's pretty rare.

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    If you will have problems, I would switch off e-cores of CPU, or set CPU afinity so that Kontakt does not run on e-cores. And you have to use Win11 as Win10 does not handle 12th and 13th gen (big.little) of Intel well.

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    Thank you.

    I am on Windows 11, have been playing non stop along past week, and my question came after I heard my new high performance system, described above, making noises with just seven tracks on REAPER, or the Cremona quartet on Kontakt standalone, while my old laptop, dated 2016, managed up to 55 tracks without a glitch.

    I upgraded to go over that barrier, reaching infinity and beyond, because I love composing and need more and more and then more.

    I use 24 bits/48000 Hz because is what Fantom 8 is capable of, so I match its performance

    I have ended with ASIO buffer at 512 (10.67 ms), 16 cores selected in Kontakt and preload buffer overridden (square highlighted white) and it's slider fully right (240.00kB), hoping to use all those 128 GB of RAM so as to update again anytime soon, but next time ordering 2 TB of RAM...DDR8 ?

    Now the performance is astounding, and even I think I hear more detail coming from each track.



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