Strummed Acoustic only playing auto chords

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Hi, I have just installed Strummed Acoustic,

I understand that with auto chords switched off, chords can be manually played on my keyboard in the blue area.

The blue area does indeed appear when I switch off auto chords, but my keyboard still triggers chords rather than notes.

Note too useful when I want a Cmaj7 !

Am I being dim or have I missed something?


  • Gee_Flat
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    Are you just hiding the Auto Chords by chance, rather than hitting the power button? I've never used this instrument, I'm just reading the manual.

  • DunedinDragon
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    That's not what I understood and not how mine works. If I have auto chords off, it plays the selected pattern based on the keys I'm using on the keyboard. So if I play the notes C - E - G together it plays C Maj, if I play the notes C - D# - G together it plays the pattern as a C Minor chord. If I play C - E - G - B it strums the pattern as a C maj 7.

    If you have auto chord on with a C major selected as the key and you press the blue A key it will play a G major chord, if you change the key to C minor, pressing the A key will play B flat major chord. Auto chord is all about playing chords just using a single keystroke in a given key.

    Picked acoustic has two different instruments, a normal version and a melody version. The melody version allows you to play individual guitar notes outside of the pattern such as a lead.

  • Gee_Flat
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    Yeah I gathered that was how it works. It's like an advanced version of akkord guitars. The manual says something about playing a melody with the right hand, but I guess it means something like picking the open b and e string?

    "You can also hold a chord or simply a 5th inter-val with your left hand while playing a top note melody line with your right hand"

  • skinnybeanpole
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    Thanks, I figured out it was just me being dim but I've been playing with this for a few days and realised that these guitar plugins are no good to me, not just NI but it seems most of them. I was just bei9ng too lazy to set up a guitar.

    My test sequence is this:

    Amaj - Amaj7 - A7 strum pattern to allow use of palm mutes (otherwise you just get a wall of sound as with NI) and play in 5/4 time. None of them can do all of these. Any guitarist can, so this is definitely NOT a Session Guitar!!

    Seems that most of these plugins are totally 4/4 strapped and the NI one sounds like a newbie strumming in their bedroom! It's either full mute or full open chord, no in between and no user pattern mods.

    Oh, well, time to get out the guitars and mics I guess.

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