Hiding Instruments from Komplete Kontrol

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I used to subscribe to East West but then ended my subscription. I no longer want to see any of their product in Komplete Kontrol but I can't find a simple way of removing their instruments from the browser. This is a huge pain because if there is no specific instrument selected in the browser, presets will be included that I am no longer licensed for, and I have no way of knowing what instument they come from until I load them. At that it error out.

So far, I've tried removing the preset files (indeed, the entire East West directory from Library\Application Support), and it still shows up. I have also rescanned my plugins fro within the standalone Komplete Kontrol app. They are still there. It seems extraordinary that in a world of subscriptions, there isn't an easy OVER, rather than under the hood way of ignoring certain VSTs, etc in Komplete Kontrol.

Any advice? Thanks in advance.


  • MarkinLA
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    Giving this a bump. It seems like it should be a fairly simple operation!

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @MarkinLA are you referring to our Komplete Now subscription?

  • MarkinLA
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    No, I was referencing a regular implementation of NI K13UC. East West was the subscription. I eventually realized that I had to delete the komplete.db3 file. When it was rebuilt, the presets were gone from the folder.

    I really wish in this age of subscriptions that KK had a simple way to mask out certain libraries without forcing the user to go under the hood. That can lead to even worse problems.

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