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I recently purchased Kontakt crossgrade... I guess because I owned piano colors I was able to get this version. From everything I have read this should be the full version. I downloaded everything available in my native access... however, it looks like I'm missing a ton of presets. Kontakt 7 only shows 900 presets, which I think I should have at least 85,000. Anyone know how to resolve this issue?

FYI, I have a newer MacBook Pro - and have downloaded everything I can find in the native access app. I even punched in the serial number to Kontakt 7 crossgrade and it didn't resolve the issue.

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    Apart from the Factory Library 2, three Play Series instruments and Retro Machines Mk2: not much.

    Kontakt is only a sampler. You would need Komplete (preferrably Standard or higher) in order to get more content. There are also third-party instrument developers - like Soniccouture or Heavyocity - who make Kontakt instruments.


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