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Hi mind hive,

Ive upgraded to k7 from k6 (which worked great) k7 is doing my head in.

I can not get it to load libraries. I can see them on my drive, i go through the normal process but they say they are NOT the correct path? but it IS ...

I got one patch to actually show up in k7 but its black when you go to load the content ..

Like Vivace - it says its NOT there in K7 but it is in NA??

How do i make this work ?


  • Uwe303
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    have you started kontakt 7 stand alone first? It looks like you did - maybe kontakt needs some rights to read the drive? and in native access look under the kontakt tab, i guess it´s all there otherwise k6 would not load the stuff.

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    @Craigtjansson Have you given Full Disk Access to Kontakt 7? How to Enable Full Disk Access on macOS

    Can you see the libraries in the new broser of Kontakt 7?

    Have you tried to reset Kontakt 7's database?

    Reinitialize the KONTAKT Database

    1. Hold down the alt key on your computer's keyboard and click Go in the Finder menu bar. Choose the appearing Library entry in the drop-down menu.
    1. Navigate to Application Support > Native Instruments.
    2. Depending on the KONTAKT version you are using, delete the following folder:
    3. KONTAKT 5: "Kontakt 5"
    4. KONTAKT 6: "Kontakt"
    5. KONTAKT 7: "Kontakt 7"
    6. Start KONTAKT as a standalone application (not in your DAW).

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