the range of the virtual keyboard of stradivarius cello doesn't match with my 88 keys midi keyboard

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In Kontakt (Stradivarius cello) the virtual keyboard shows all 88 keys,with different colours connected to their functions.However when I want to play some dynamics with my midi keyboard the range doesn't match. In order to play it correct I have to transpose -24 semitones in my DAW in order to use the virtual keyboard and it's functions. I would like to configure it in Kontakt and not in my DAW. Is this possible?


  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 8,918 mod

    @vanderfrank What DAW are you using? What keyboard are you using? Do you have an octave up or down on the keyboard?

    Anyway, in the Stradivari library you can edit the keyswitches and what MIDI notes they will answer to:

  • vanderfrank
    vanderfrank Member Posts: 5 Member

    My DAW is Cubase 12 pro, my keyboard is Roland A88. It's strange that other NI kontakt instruments don't have this octave issue.

  • Gee_Flat
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    Is this like any other Kontakt instrument? A minor inconvenience considering the enormity of having something otherwise unattainable right there at your virtual fingertips.

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