Choir Omnia sounds "deaf"

Egor Maohrkin
Egor Maohrkin Member Posts: 6 Member

Hi, guys!

I havew a problem with Omnia.... I upload Choir Omnia to Bandlab, everything sounds good, full. And then, for example, I exit BandLab, saving all the settings, etc. And when I go back and open my the project with Omnia, the Choir Omnia sounds, but not "full-fledged" or something... "deaf"... It is also visible and audible, because the main volume knob Omnia (the one in the center) is not adjustable.. that is, I turn it, but the sound and timbre do not change...

I remove Choir Omnia from the project & then upload it once again. After that, it starts sounding goof, fully!

Why is it so? Do anyone have the same problem?



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