Kontakt 5 - How to add Evolve (Legacy)?

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hi guys, hope you can help me here too :) Evolve is added as R2 version and works fine, but i had some presets made with Evolve old version, which was seperate to buy from Heavyocity and they sent me (thx Heavyocity) the old version with the old file format. in Kontakt 4 i can load and play the library in demo mode which is enough to recreate my presets in Kontakt 6 but in Kontakt 5 i dont see an option to add the old library? is there any possibility to do it?

when i click skip i can see the patch name and the settings, but i cannot see all settings as not all tabs etc. are loaded + it doesnt play any sound :/

thx a lot!


  • Uwe303
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    you can try to open it via the kontakt file browser, it´s on the left, you just have to switch the tab and go to the folder. But normally the library should show up. Have you started Kontakt stand alone? And in native access you have the product and if you click on it you can point native access to the folder of the library, then it should work.

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