Add product information to MK2 screen when browsing in several products

UdoBehm Member Posts: 71 Member
edited February 2022 in Komplete Kontrol

Good day. In order to quicker see what product becomes loaded when loading an instrument could you add the product information on the left side of the right screen when multiple products are shown? I'd like to quickly see what product an instrument is refering to before I load it. The left side isn't used anyway so far. So you could easily add this information when browsing instruments and no specific product category is selected.

Think this would help browsing faster without the need to first select a product on the left screen...

Would of course be nice if Komplete Kontrol would show the products next to the instrument name too (maybe in a seperately addable column).

Also still missing the function to deselect categories that should not become included in a search for instruments (e. g. if I wanted to filter the organ category out of my search and the additive characters). Missing a NOT filter as requested by many users before...


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