Strange behavior Expression Pedal on Komplete Kontrol S88 MK2

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I have bought a nice new Komplete Kontrol S88 MK2 controller, but have some issues with using an expression pedal with it. Connecting and setting up the pedals is done, though as many learned, not very intuitive.

The regular pedals (sustain and a 2nd switch through a Y splitter) are working like the should. Only my expression pedal is showing strange unstable readings. What I see is that the readings jump up and down: eg if the pedal is half open it jumps between 50 and 80.

I tested this with 3 pedals: Dunlop DVP3, Roland EV-5 and Boss FV-500H.

When testing on my Kurzweil, they all work and are very stable.

Is this something known? I could not find any other related topic in this forums, if there is feel free to share.


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  • Gee_Flat
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    I don't have any answers, but out of curiosity I have some questions.

    • Is that read out a part of the keyboard system screen, or a midi monitor?
    • Is it a general read out, or is it applied when using the pedal for different functions. eg volume, modulation, rotator?

    Like I said, i'm just asking to satisfy my own curiosity.

  • TobiasVDH
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    @Gee_Flat It is both: midi monitors show a "nice" stream of CC11 messages and any VST plugin button you attach CC11 to through midi learn, will wiggle around.

    What I also noticed:

    • Unplugging the CC pedal results in a nice 0 CC11 value.
    • Reconfiguring the pedal input to a switch works as it should.
    • Configuring the other pedal input as input for the expression pedals gives a similar effect.
  • Jeremy_NI
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    @TobiasVDH So you followed these steps here? How to Configure Sustain / Expression Pedals on KOMPLETE KONTROL Keyboards

    Can you check wthe MIDI assignments in Komplete Kontrol both when the keyboard is connected and disconnected? Look for other buttons, knobs, touchstrip assigned too CC11.

  • TobiasVDH
    TobiasVDH Member Posts: 4 Member

    Initially, I did not follow these steps, but later I did. Other debug steps:

    • I have no other controllers active assigned as input in the preference.
    • As far as I can see, no other controller is assigned to CC11. I also tried reassigning the expression pedal to another CC. No change.
    • I have already disabled the touchstrip as I learned early that many people had issues with that one.
    • I actually measured the stability of the resistance of the pedal(s) as I thought my other devices might have a low pass filter on the S88 might not have it. No issue there either.
  • Jeremy_NI
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    @TobiasVDH Ok, so that would indicate a hardware issue on the S88 mk2. Are you able to try on a different computer?

    Could you do a comparative test with MIDI monitor with the Kursweil and with the S88 when using the expression pedal, with no music software running (including the Komplete Kontrol application). Can you share that here?

  • TobiasVDH
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    Hi Jeremy, sorry for the delay. I was not in my studio for several days. Attached you can find one second of readings from midi-ox. Doing the same with the Kurzweil did not generate a stream. It stays stable.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @TobiasVDH That definitely looks like a hardware issue, please get in touch with my colleagues here:

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