Using two keyboards with Kurzweil

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I'm in the market for a smaller spare keyboard. I have NI libraries and several additions, but I've only ever used them, one at a time, on a single keyboard controller (an older Kurzweil).

In viewing the Komplete Kontrol 49 series, I'm wondering if I'm able to run my software concurrently through my existing setup AND through an added S49 or A49. In that way I'd be able to play, for example, a trumpet lead on the auxiliary keyboard while running my complete piano on the main keyboard.

I'm obviously new at this, so please excuse my ignorance. Can anyone comment? With thanks.



  • DunedinDragon
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    I have both an 88 key Casio Privia electronic stage piano as well as a KK S49. The Privia can be used either as a non-MIDI keyboard through my audio interface or as a MIDI interface through USB using NI libraries. The S49 is my go to keyboard for working with NI libraries and Komplete Kontrol because it's just so much easier and flexible in that regard. I use the Privia mostly for when I need to capture a full piano or organ, particularly if I want to use the sustain pedal. Best of both worlds.

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    So I take it, therefore, that the S49 has a separate license and works independently from your Privia when connected to your NI library?

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    I just noticed that the S series comes with a partial NI library. I guess that's my answer.

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