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Acoustic Amps

Team Green
Team Green Member Posts: 5 Sine
edited February 28 in Guitar Rig & FX

Will there be any acoustic amps added to the line up in the future?



  • Eddie_NI
    Eddie_NI Product Team Posts: 99 mod

    What do you have in mind? Can you give a few examples of what you'd like to see?

  • ackic
    ackic Member Posts: 1 Noise

    Some boutique ones would be nice, like the Mesa Rosette or AER models. Even some cheaper/standard ones would be nice too (Fender acoustasonic, Orange crush acoustic, Fishman, Marshall, Roland, etc).

  • Team Green
    Team Green Member Posts: 5 Sine

    Fishman would be nice also some form of IR loader for my acoustic IRs that would be cool. Thanks for listening.

  • Team Green
    Team Green Member Posts: 5 Sine

    Any modern acoustic amp that focuses on Clean Crisp tones for recording. The ability to have some type of IR loader that can be used for any type of IRs acoustic or other wise cabinets etc.. Looks like you have the bases covered for distortion and modulation etc..

    Thanks For Listening

  • Eddie_NI
    Eddie_NI Product Team Posts: 99 mod
    edited February 23

    Thanks for your feedback, I will discuss these ideas with the team. 👍️

  • Team Green
    Team Green Member Posts: 5 Sine
    edited February 22

    This Dear Friends is why we are lifelong members of the NI universe. ☺️

    Thank You, Mr. Eddie

  • Sssswordfish
    Sssswordfish Member Posts: 2 Noise

    I want to vote yes on this comment. Second to the missing looper in 6, not having acoustic amp models in such a comprehensive universe of tones seems like a grand oversight.

    Contrary to common wisdom, we’re not all metal heads.

  • Magic Russ
    Magic Russ Member Posts: 9 Sine

    I wouldn't exactly call Guitar Rig a "comprehensive universe of tones". I think that term might better apply to one of the suites which offer hundreds of amp sims, such as Amplitube 5 or TH-U.

    Now TH-U offers 245 amp simulations and hundreds more "profiles". Since they seem to have gone to great lengths to find and profile every amp they could, and yet they don't have any acoustic amps, one has to wonder if that really is a grand oversight on Overloud's part. Could there be a reasonable explanation as to why IK Multimedia and Overloud, two companies which are much more heavily invested in guitar products than NI, have not come out with an acoustic amp sim?

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