Can't get Kontakt 7 to come up as an instrument in Reaper

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Hello! I'm super new to all of this so this may be a stupid question. I have the One kit wonder pack by GGD and I'm trying to use it in reaper. From what I can find on Youtube everyone has zero issues with Kontakt 7 coming up as an instrument but for some reason I can only get it as a VST3. I installed Komplete kontrol and that pops up as an instrument but Kontakt 7 will not. Only as a VST3. I can use the standalone just fine, so I must be missing something. Like I said, I'm really new to this, so any help is greatly appreciated!!

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    That's probably because Kontakt can host instruments as well as effects, so it really doesn't matter. Just drop it into a track then when you bring it up you can select whatever you want in that instance of Kontakt...instrument, effect, etc.

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    I am using REAPER and while I am not and expert and might therefore be missing something I don't quite understand your issue, MadnessOpus, if any.

    Once Kontakt is placed as a VST in a track (for example via right click, insert new instrument in a track, select Kontakt) it will show your libraries on the left side of its own window and even there might be some more instruments not listed there but available via clicking the icon that looks like an old floppy disk and browsing through your folders.



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    @MadnessOpus Kontakt 7 is VST3 only. Setup your DAW accordingly.

    Plug-in Administration in Reaper

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