Guitar Rig 6 AU Crashing AU Eval / Standalone Crashing trying to load

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Guitar Rig 6 AU Crashing AU Eval / Standalone Crashing trying to load

As stated, GR6 6.3.0 is crashing the AU Eval for Logic Pro 10.7.7 on macOS 12.6.3.

Same with GR6 standalone. Won't load. Crashes in the attempt to even run the standalone.

Disappointed that I'm unable to run the latest GR on Logic with a Mac Pro. I've attached the crash logs that were also sent to Apple.

I've never been able to run GR6, would be nice if this could get fixed soon.



  • Eddie_NI
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    I'm very sorry that you are experiencing problem with Guitar Rig 6 and thanks for providing the crash logs.

    The cause for your problems might be a corrupted database file. Please try to delete all files in ~/Library/Application\ Support/Native\ Instruments/Guitar\ Rig\ 6/Database/. I hope this helps.



  • Tommy Christiansen
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    It's crashing/not loading in FL Studio neither, latest version to date.

    Sent a request to the support-line, no answer.

    I'm lousy at this, but which path is that,- is it in the Native Access?

    I can't find that path in Native Access, I just get to Library/Application, ****** I feel like an idiot, because there's always a problem with the installation with Native Instruments and Native Access, With a new computer, I still have a problem where there's several plugins I can't install thru Native Access.

  • jodywhitesides
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    Apologies for the delay.

    I did what you mentioned to do. Upon loading up my DAW after deleting said files - GR6 did not show up at all in the plugin list (weird). I then decided to go to Native Access and reinstall GR6 despite it saying it was installed.

    That has finally fixed the issue. Deleting the database files and reinstalling it apparently has solved the Guitar Rig 6 crashing issue for me at this time.

    Thank you.

    p.s. Tommy, that is the User Library that Eddie had mentioned. The '~' symbol is what denotes that it is the User library.

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