A few words on the new Kontakt 6.7.0 update

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We're happy to release today a new major update for Kontakt. Find below a couple of words from the Kontakt team.

The long awaited ARM compatibility version of Kontakt is here!

You can now run Kontakt natively on Silicon in Standalone mode and as a plugin in all DAW’s that currently support ARM.

Kontakt is now also compatible with macOS 12 (Monterey) and Windows 11.

While working on the compatibility we took the opportunity to make significant changes in the Kontakt codebase. This resulted in fixing a lot of user facing bugs but also in improving a lot of things under the hood.

Additionally, this release expands the sonic capabilities of the platform with the addition of 2 new bass amplifiers from Guitar Rig (Bass Pro & Bass Invader) that are modelled using award-winning techniques. Bass Pro delivers that gritty, growling sound and Bass Invader gives everything you need to make low end sounds and get that classic 90s British indie flavour.

Feel free to check the detailed changelogs in our official update status 👈



  • mostly_lucid
    mostly_lucid Member Posts: 13 Newcomer

    Windows 11 - !

    Awesome, thank you, I recently bought a new machine for Studio One (Aurora 13 which came with 11) and was concerned that so many products do not 'support' windows 11 yet.

  • EvilDragon
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    With Windows it's much less tricky than macOS, usually.

  • gabegarza1021
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    Is there an ARM or Universal version of Native Access?

    If not, is there a direct link to download the Kontakt 6.7.0 DMG?

  • gabegarza1021
    gabegarza1021 Member Posts: 8 Newcomer

    As a follow up.

    On my High Sierra MacOSX, Native Access still doesn't see the 6.7.0, so the question is, is there a minimal OSX that you need to have in order for Native Access to see the 6.7.0 update?

  • Ed M
    Ed M Member Posts: 119 Advisor

    I am happy the first NI product is Mac silicon compatible, finally. Since I use Kontakt mainly in Komplete Kontrol, could you give us a timeframe for when KK will be Mac silicon compatible (and Maschine)?

  • nanotable
    nanotable Member Posts: 86 Advisor

    From the changelog:

    • CHANGED Minimum supported macOS version is now 10.14

  • gabegarza1021
    gabegarza1021 Member Posts: 8 Newcomer

    @nanotable thanks for the update on the change log.

    So now, is there a Native Access ARM or Universal?

  • EvilDragon
    EvilDragon Moderator Posts: 947 mod

    NA is not yet ARM compatible.

  • Maciej Repetowski
    Maciej Repetowski Member Posts: 178 Pro

    So happy about it, I was starting to loose hope at one point…

    Thank you, NI !!!

  • Nico_NI
    Nico_NI Administrator Posts: 1,134 admin

    We're targeting KK and Maschine native support for Q2 🤞

  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 2,461 Expert

    I am on Win, but I am also happy. Looking forward to the end of this Apple Silicon transition mess. NI will finally be able to fully focus on improvements to their SW and not using their resources on Apple compatibility problems.

    I hope I am wrong in my forecast that Rosetta 3 will come in 5-7 years.... I do not want experience this again. ;-)

  • JARO
    JARO Member Posts: 4 Newcomer


    That's very good news. On a daily basis I use Komplete Kontrol on a computer with an m1x processor. When can we expect full functionality of the function keys for the S and M series keyboards in Logic Pro X?



  • fabius
    fabius Member Posts: 1 Newcomer


    Ableton Live 11.1 on Apple MB Pro M1. The only plugin version working natively seems to be the VST3: showing arm64, very nice performance improvement (around 35%). No VST2 so far. And the AU version of Kontakt 6.7 is still opening under Rosetta2 environment (showing: processor x64). Probably still a work in progress but hope that this issues will be fixed soon.


  • EvilDragon
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    edited February 2022

    @fabius You probably need to restart your Mac in order to force AU cache to be purged and rescanned.

  • DaWipp
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    edited February 2022

    Can't get it to replace Kontakt 5 automatically in Logic Pro. I uninstalled Kontakt 5 going through some instructions by a NI Video, but now if I open a song that used Kontakt 5 Logic says it's missing, install bla bla.

    I thought it automatically replaces older versions.

    I'm on a 14"MBP M1, OS 12.2.1, Logic 10.7.2

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