Can't find my User Presets

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For some reason, recently when I save a preset it doesn't appear on the list.

There are two old, previously saved user presets visible (in the app) and if I right click "show in explorer", I see a list of a bunch of old presets AND MY RECENTLY SAVED (BUT INVISIBLE) PRESETS.

They are in Users/Peter/Native Instruments/User Content/Guitar Rig 6/Rack Presets.

So, it's working, GR6 is just not seeing the correct presets folder.

I don't see any way in Preferences to point GR6 at the correct directory. Which is:

Users/Peter/Native Instruments/User Content/Guitar Rig 6/Rack Presets

Thanks for any help.

I can wait until after your "scheduled maintenance" on Tuesday. :)



  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Thea Are you running Guitar Rig 6 as admin? Are you checking the user library in GTR6? You have to click on the little person here:

    Also make sure that no colors are selected up there.

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