Noob question: can't make guitar rig 6 sound.

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Hi there, I'm driving crazy with guitar rig 6.

  • Mac OS M1 Max
  • Guitar Rig 6 with Komplete Kontrol 1
  • Guitar pluged with volume OK
  • It sounds clean when Guitar Rig 6 is "off" but when i turn on does not sound anything, but Komplete Kontrol 1 still recieving guitar input.

So i guess there's something absolutely obvious that i'm not seeing.

Can you guys help this noob?

When this power button is on yellow does not sound anything.

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  • Pau
    Pau Member Posts: 4 Member
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    Well it seems a little bit solved, but the sound it's a little bit saturaded and quite dirty. I think it could the de free presets, i'll try with premium once


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