Expected to see my instrument in the Komplete Kontrol Plugin

Tomas E
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I edited a Kontakt instrument, renamed it and saved it in the same folder as the original instrument. I can load it and play it from Kontakt but I can only see the original instruments from that folder in my Komplete Kontrol Plugin. I would expect to see all instruments from that folder in the browser. Why doesn't it show up?

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  • Gee_Flat
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    Maybe a rescan of that folder in preferences?

  • Blindeddie
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    I may have been mistaken in my answer, if you save it as a KK preset then it would be shown under "User Presets" but if you saved the instrument as a new .NKI, then rescanning the "Factory" directory in KK preferences then it will show as a Factory preset....if that makes sense...

    Edit -> Preferences -> Library -> Factory...select the library from the list, then click "Rescan"


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