Linking NI to Hyrdasynth

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I have both a NI keyboard plus software, and also a Hydrasynth. I have been using the samples from NI sampled instruments, West Africa, to create stuff on Logic. I want to run these West African instrument samples on NI, firstly directly through the Hydrasynth, and subject them to Hydra limitless modifications, to explore the results, and then record onto Logic. I have very limited expertise at the moment, but want to know if this is possible to do, and how I might set this up, if it can be done? I have no idea whether such NI samples can be be run through H.S. There is a video done by a guy called CYBO or CRYBO, which links his Machine synth to Hydra but, I think he is not using NI samples such as those I am interested in. Any one able to comment please?


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    it should work like shown in that video you simply set your hydrasynth up as an insert in logic. You also should be able to make a bus to another audio track to record it. But it will work for sure some way, cause hydrasynth has audio in and out, only your audio interface needs at least 2 stereo outs and 1 stereo input.


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