Kontakt 7 not finding my samples

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Just installed Kontakt 7 on a Mac Studio running Ventura. I am using Cubase Pro 12.

As part of the process of updating my entire system I created a completely new sample and patch library based on instrument rather than collection. On my old iMac I simply had each sample collection loaded as such on my hard drive. This time I've separated everything out - and it took a long time to do.

BUT. Kontakt 7 is giving me the dreaded "content not found" error message for every. single. patch.

The bundled Kontakt libraries work fine but my own collection of patches aren't being found - and I don't want to have to go through the search dialogue box every time I try a new sound. In any event that process didn't find the patches.

Do I have to ditch my new file structure and go back to endless lists of sample collections in order for Kontakt 7 to work?


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