Why won't my bus settings save?

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I have a drum sample library I really like that I'm trying to learn to mix. Kontakt has a ton of built in fx that I really like to work with, but now that I'm getting into fx chaining and more advanced stuff, I want to have more complex processing and routing in general.

No matter how I save or create a multi rack, bank, or instrument, I cannot get any bus fx settings to stick. Every time I open the project in my DAW, everything is there and saved except the bus settings. Am I missing something obvious? I've tried the instrument snapshot (although from research it seems bus fx are not saved by the instrument itself), saving my rack as a multi, and saving it as a bank. Every time I load anything I save, the settings and fx are all whiped.



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    Hmmm that's weird. I cannot confirm this happening at all. Is this your own custom instrument?

    If I do a new instrument from scratch, add some groups and route them to different busses, and then load some FX in those busses, and save an NKI - it recalls perfectly fine. If I do this without saving an NKI, by doing it in a DAW project, it also seems to work just fine!

    Are you perhaps talking about the Output panel in Kontakt? Output panel state is entirely saved only in a multis, not instruments and not instrument banks.

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