How to mute notes outside of a scale in Kontakt (East Asia Koto)

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Hello everyone.

My question is whether it is possible in any way to mute notes that are outside of a scale in Kontrakt - for example with the Koto from East Asia Spotlight.

I have chosen the hirjoshi scale - this means that only notes in the hirajoshi scale are available and that all key's that arent mapped to those notes instead play ornaments of those notes.

When I turned off the "ornaments" settings I thought that it would mute all the notes outside of the hirjoshi scale - instead they just sound at their normal pitch whioch effectively turns the keyboard into a chromatic one instead of a "hirajoshi" keyboard (which is even worse then having the ornaments play)

I want to have a authentic koto sound, so its annoying having to avoid every note not part of the hirajoshi scale instead - it's not possible to play glissando's without hitting the notes outside of the scale.

I don't know how I would remove the samples using the mapping editor (or even if you do that suing the mapping editor") i'm vvery new to kontakt.

There really should be a "mute all notes outside of scale option, hopefully NI will consider it.

Thank you.



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    You have to remember that Kontakt is essentially a synthesizer, and even though many of the instruments emulate real world sounds, a part of the charm of sampled instruments is the possibility of creating new and unusual sounds. And having the ability to play them as synths.

    Try the KSP called 'Remap Keyboard'. You can assign keys to lower pitches where there are no zones mapped.

    It takes a minute to figure out. IF you can't, contact @EvilDragon

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    Could that be tied to what I had observed once?

    Jeremy said that the team responsible for the product acknowledged it and put it in their backlog. That was last year in August.

    Likely not, I think. Feel free to ignore my post ^^

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    Hello Laurant,

    an option to mute all non scale notes is currently not available, but I admit it would make a lot of sense.

    I could imagine turning the main Ornament On/Off button in the upper right corner into a menu, making space for an additional third option. I will give it some thought and will get back as soon as I have more information to share!



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