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GR6 forgetting learned MIDI

BobF3 Member Posts: 11 Member
edited February 2023 in Guitar Rig & FX

Win10, Studio One 6 Pro, X-Touch MINI ...

I think I have routing correct as the initial learning works fine. I go thru the process and save the preset. I verify by changing, then reloading the preset. All is good.

When I come back to the preset a few days later, the previously learned MIDI assignments are gone like they never happened. Again, the routing appears to be correct because everything readily learns again.

Anybody else?



  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 8,861 mod

    @BobF3 If you do the same in GR6 in standalone does it retain the MIDI assignments? Are you running GTR6 and Studio One as admin? How to Run a Program as an Administrator

  • BobF3
    BobF3 Member Posts: 11 Member

    Jeremy - Thanks for getting back to me. Running GR and/or SO as Admin or not is making any difference. Here is what I've done today:

    • Running GR6 stand-alone, created a basic rack based on Twang. Mapped knobs and buttons to the basic amp controls and saved the preset. Close/Exit GR6, rerun GR6 stand-alone, load the previously created preset and everything works fine.
    • Run Studio One 6, add an audio track with GR6, create an Inst Track with my controller as Input and GR6 as output.
    • Load the basic preset in GR6. The controls do not respond to the controller, however right-clicking shows they are assigned. If I Learn MIDI again, using the same control, the amp control responds as it should. Right-clicking the control shows the same MIDI assignment as before.

    Perplexing to say the least. Not sure if this matters, but I also see host automation IDs.

  • BobF3
    BobF3 Member Posts: 11 Member

    Another item to mention. Everything about the presets when created while plugged into Studio One saves/recalls fine. Components, control settings/positions. Literally everything except the Learned MIDI.

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