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Guitar Rig 6 - Input and output signal, but no sound

jpetroff31 Member Posts: 1 Newcomer
edited February 2023 in Guitar Rig & FX

Newbie - Just got a Behringer Stratocaster. Trying to use guitar rig 6, I get an input and output signal when I plug the guitar into the computer via USB, but at the same time I plug it in, it cuts all sound from my speakers. Ive checked input and output source, and both are coming / going where they should, and it registers the tone of the guitar on the app, but doesnt output the sound. Volume is fully up on all instruments / programs, everything unmuted, but even cuts sound to external apps, such as FB or Youtube when the guitar is plugged in.

Tried all the suggestions on NI support site but nothing seems to work. What am I missing?


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  • Uwe303
    Uwe303 Moderator Posts: 2,910 mod


    what audio interface do you use, and have you tried to raise the gain on the input, cause guitar rig has a gate on the input (you can deactivate with gate knob on top) and if your signal is too low it gets cut off.

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 8,861 mod

    @jpetroff31 Guitar RIg 6 needs an audio interface with an input and an output. Your Behringer via USB means it's probably only an input. On Mac you can create an aggregate device with several interfaces but I don't think this is possible on Windows, maybe @Uwe303 you have an idea?

  • Uwe303
    Uwe303 Moderator Posts: 2,910 mod
    edited February 2023

    First we need to know how the guitar is connected, with what interface, and a picture of the audio settings could also help. I found one behringer guitar interface with headphones output the ucg102. Then only asio4all is a solution, you then have to install asio4all open the control panel, click on the wrench icon (enhanced options) and activate the inputs of the guitar interface and the outputs of the interface where the speakers are connected. But more details would be better

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 8,861 mod
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