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    No worries, I'm fine with that and we need no double postings. Thanks for flagging.


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    @JesterMgee Just grabbed the O-BE nks from your site. What a treat. Been waiting for that. Expertly tagged and organised, once again. Thanks man.

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    Nothing against Jester but for me it has a little bit a "taste" .

    Shortly I rolled out my whole presets on the 26th, his paid version appears. I know he's doing an excellent work so far and I even bought some stuff there but having the right tagging tool, my preset workout could be transferred and tagged in the right way as well withing some minutes..... at least I didn't see any announcement that he's working on the OB-E like he did for the Roland cloud stuff, therefore I started to build up the presets by my own and shared it here for free. For this publishing chaos - sorry, forum software is not on me.

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    @Xavier Really appreciate that. I did try your version, but as I use Mac, do not have any kind of efficient tool for configuring the macros, which are essential for me on an instrument such as this. I had already made my own for v1, saving the presets one by one, so was helpful to get the extra patches, but I had emailed Jester some time back about this. He said he was planning to do it on release of the Windows version, which prompted me to check the site. I am always up for a fully functional free alternative, but I will also pay for somebody else's hard work if it serves my needs. Would love to get the Roland Cloud rocking on Mac too, but that's an NI thing.

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    OK then it was really just a coincidence. Sorry for the claiming

    Yep as I said, Jester is doing an excellent work since NI doesn't really support the user in this case generating presets of instruments and especially supporting them, that they can tag them by themselves in the right way to have a good worksflow in KK or Maschine.

    I love my Maschine but I really miss in some cases having more freedom to operate - This is for me as well in a certain way a kind of a users satisfaction.

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    @Xavier Your posts were flagged as spam and that's why you didn't see it here. This can happen for different reasons but it got even more flagged as you tried to submit it 30 times. Our anti-spam is still learning the different rules and behaviours which means we still get false positive from time to time. If it happens to you or anyone else, just give us a moment to review your content manually and try to post something else in the meantime (usually reducing character counts and external links does the job). Once you have reached 3 posts, your account is automatically verified in any case.

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    Hi Matt thanks for response.

    First I recognized that my (tablet) screen said it's going to be checked before rolled out - But this info didn't appear on my desktop monitor - where I wrote the comment and initialized first - just on my tablet where I tried later on to upload the draft again. So for me, always when I pressed the upload button on the desktop browser (post comment), nothing happened, it just remained there for posting.

    Caused probably due to some blocking apps I have installed but I didn't get any info that they block the content nor from your system (i.e. via email) that the content is blocked and/or waiting for release.

    Finally sure - I pressed the button then a couple of times to figure out the reason and then got additionally blocked in the background by your system

    Then after a while suddenly via the tablet, the upload seems to proceed, but then I recognized some errors in the letters I wanted to edit again. When I started saving, the content was again in the queue and didn't re-upload again. That was probably the time when other users received the info that's a new content there but since I couldn't re-upload again it wasn't.

    And then at the end of the day by clicking on all available possibilities, I finally killed my complete content. Happy that one user reload it because is was already "pissed off" and don't wanted to write all again.

    Good to know now that there are some "secrets" in the background you should be aware when uploading especially for newbee's

    Cheers, Xavier

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    I'm gonna write a thread in the Welcome area to make this more obvious and explains how it works. Thanks for the feedback!

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    Hate to burst the bubble but the "Right Tagging Tool" is basically your ears, eyes and hours of time :)

    I create ALL NKS presets using Komplete Kontrol, some automation tools (AutoIT) and a LOT of time. Actually saving out NKS files is often the easiest and less time consuming part. Tagging and control maps are the hard part and there aren't any magical tools for that. I have developed some helper scripts to save mouse clicks and I also use a StreamDeck to add custom tagging buttons to save using the mouse but I still click through every preset over days and days and tag these out. Even companies that develop their plugins often don't have fast ways to do it either and also have to do it by hand, which is why some simply don't.

    OB-E saved me a little time because some of the presets have tagging which I was able to read out a tag file they have and convert these to NKS format and write these to the files.

    Mostly I will start tho it is done by hand, OB-E took many hours especially making a usable control template. I checked your version out and without tagging or a properly constructed controller map (the auto mapped controls are often a bit of a mess) it will be very hard for blind users to utilise, this is a big reason I will inject literally hundreds of hours sometimes on some plugins, there aren't any shortcuts, it is pure manhours and I fillow the same format I have developed over the last 7 years.

    I did make mention of the fact I was working on OB-E in my thread, It was even mentioned on the old forum at the time as I explained it was only available on macOS and speaking with the developer he did inform me a PC version would be available. Also, assume if I have done every plugin already for a developer I will also develop future plugins as they are requested. If in doubt just ask.

    This new forum is a bit of a problem in that there is no longer a sticky which I can post in and since I have my own thread I don't duplicate into a second thread so unless you watch that thread also you may miss news like that.

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    Update info

    NKS library for Arcade by Output

    (Total: 4899 kits; including 4024 "Sampler Kits" and 874 "Note Kits")

    Includes previews, tags and banks.

    Choose one of the following ways to get access to the library:

    1. Simply Download all assets:




    2. Join shared folder (Dropbox or OneDrive):

    Join the Dropbox shared folder (the most convenient option)

    You need your own paid Dropbox account due to large size. This is by far the most convenient option, because you connect your Dropbox folder to KK/Maschine library (using desktop intergration), you will get automated updates with Arcade NKS as I make them available on a daily basis. ​

    - Receive a permanent link to OneDrive shared folder.

    You need a Microsoft account. This option works similarly to Dropbox, but it does not allow real-time sharing, so you need to manually download the files on an ongoing basis.​

    I'm also thinking about Google Drive if it can be used the same way as Dropbox (auto-sync on desktop).

    Either way, DM me about your preferred way to get the updates.

    Thank you,

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    Hey, the Folder is Empty :(

    Can you reupload please? :)


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    I wonder why nobody answered this … But it's obvious as I wrote Heavyocity II instead of DAMAGE 2 … So if anyone has the .ogg files for Damage 2, this would be amazing!

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    Some NKS Compatible files haven't had previews- I've emailed a couple of developers about this - and one was not their fault.

    I don't own Damage 2, so I wouldn't know, but you can use the Maschine method of generating previews int eh absence of actual previews.

    I would also drop Heavyocity a line, as they should have supplied to NI prior to encoding, so they may be able to point you in the right direction.

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    Hi All,

    Does anybody happen to have, or have plans to create NKSFX files for any of Rob Papen's FX plugins? I have spoken to Rob and he only arranged NKS licensing for his instruments and has no plans to do so for the FX, it's a shame as he has some great sounding plugins on the FX side!

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    I'm pleased to share this home made library with you.

    It's for IK Multimedia B3X.


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