Is there a complaints manager anyhwere ??

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Im sick of dealing with useless people in customer support


  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @DrAndy We do understand the frustration. Please note that our customer service has a lot of requests to process at the moment and our replies times are longer than usual, we are just out of a big sales special. We apologize for the delay. After checking the multiple tickets, there is nothing that justifies this kind of language. We'll keep an eye on your requests and they will be escalated if needed. My colleagues will get back to you shortly in order to assist you. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

  • DrAndy
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    Jeremy, by 'kind of language' do you mean having the audacity to complain when software is substandard? That after 6 months there are still relentless crashes? That you are still releasing new items when you haven't dealt with faults on what I bought last year?

    Patience and understanding? I've been waiting 6 months for improvements yet you seem to have been busy with a sales special rather than dealing with faults.

    You have an unbelievable arrogant attitude to customer service. Have you looked on Trustpilot as to what people think of your company?

    I would be very happy to get a full refund on the Komplete 14 and never have to do deal with you again. At the moment I will never buy a product from you again.

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    From an outsiders point of view it doesn't help that you start making unspecified complaints like "Im sick of dealing with useless people in customer support" and then furthers discussion with more unspecified complaints like "relentless crashes" and "waiting 6 months for improvements" .

    It would be nice to know what you are referring to when you complain.

    With respect to TrustPilot then it's obvious that there is two problems there ! :

    1) N.I. do NOT spam people with emails begging them to go to TrustPilot to leave a good review , meaning that most people do not even register that N.I. is on TrustPilot. Which all in turn means that generally then the only one using TrustPilot in connection with N.I. are those with a mean streak out to vent when they can not have it their way or they might as well complain about how the world works in general !

    2) The above means that all that 'bad' is out of a sample containing "Reviews 259" , out of a user base of which must be in the many thousands !

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