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Today I have tried messing around with VALVES' GUI to just to check out the new HI-DPI compatibility (it seems like VALVES uses the new builder as typography doesn't get blurry when being upscaled).

And yet, I have found a few graphical glitches when upscaling Windows 11 22H2 to 150%, while using a 1440p monitor.

First of all, here's the first one. The text is crystal clear, but some assets like the knobs get blurry / pixelated. As far as I am concerned, new libraries like Choir Omnia should be fully resizable no matter what the scale of the display is set to - because their assets are probably vector based (?).

The second thing which is not a critical issue but still a thing you'd might have to take a look at - When downscaling Windows settings back to 100%, Kontakt 7 returns to its original size, but a wide black space is left in the corners, sort of an annoying artifact.


  • Jeremy_NI
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    @aidenstunes Thanks for the report. For issue 1, well, it's expected behaviour unfortunately. Not all new libraries use vector GFX only.

    For issue number 2, we were not able to reproduce the issue, a few questions:

    Do you have a multiple display setup, or just this one display with 1440p resolution ?

    How do MassiveX and GR6 look with your setup and similar settings?

    Is it happening, no matter which instrument is loaded, if in rack or single view, if the side pane, the keyboard or master section or outputs are visible?

    Does the issue persist after changing the size of the Kontakt window (for example by using preferences "reset size" option, or by manually resizing the Kontakt App window)?

    Is this happening also when using Kontakt 7 as a plug-in?

  • aidenstunes
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    Dear Jeremey,

    I can assure you that I use a single 1440p monitor.

    The issue seems to happen when Kontakt is being used as a standalone only, and with other instruments just as well.

    As for Guitar Rig or Massive X, I don't have them installed.

    While investigating the situation deeper for you, I have faced another issue. I'll share the video with you within a moment.

  • aidenstunes
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    Well actually it's more of the same thing, these black areas, nothing to add. But resizing the window does solve it though.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @aidenstunes Thanks for taking the time to answer that.

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