Native Access 2 bug

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After pressing "Install all", Native access 2 had started to gradually act weird. The queue says X number of products are left to install, but the list present a different number. Some products are not even in the queue, but on other pages it is written "downloading." There is an overlapping reaction in the queue page too. Once a product finishes downloading, the one under it changes its name and its thumbnail photo to another product, and the other one disappears from the list.

Is it a known bug? Have anyone faced it already?


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    Native accès can't install everything all at once. It has a limit based on your computer's processing power. Once it peaks you will notice some products not installing until others are complete. Wait for 1 for 2 products to finish installing and you'll notice another one take its place and begin installing automatically. Make a coffee and watch a couple episodes of your fav show. I feel you. Just have patience.


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