Please delete all copies of the synthesizers and samples I added to the Reaktor User Library

mosaic_ Member Posts: 1 Noise

Four of my contributions to the Reaktor User Library, which are Infrastructure, Accelerator, Redux, and LAVA, violate Section 3.7 of the End User License Agreement. I ask you to delete all copies of these synthesizers and of the samples I provided with LAVA.



  • Laureano Lopez
    Laureano Lopez Cordoba, ArgentinaMember Posts: 90 Tri

    Is NI going after old UL uploads and asking their authors to notify the users?

    I think I'll start calling it The Company.

  • Nico_NI
    Nico_NI BerlinAdministrator Posts: 1,141 admin

    Hey @mosaic_, after looking into the Reaktor Library, I can't seem to find your ensembles. Would you have any link to provide?

  • Paule
    Paule BerlinMember Posts: 738 Saw

    Mayhaps he told it to us users who create music or with parts of his ensembles build new stuff.

  • ANDREW221231
    ANDREW221231 Member Posts: 250 Saw

    i feel people would be more likely to comply with this request as a video? recited by the developer fully in frame and good lighting would be great. not that anyone's suspicious.. just it's proven people are more willing to comply with requests like these the more they feel a personal connection, and such connections can form from as little as being able to see them blink

  • Studiowaves
    Studiowaves Member Posts: 312 Saw

    Speaking of the user library, I forgot how to find it. But ya, it does say not to use someone elses samples. Something about it being strictly forbidden. I guess he didn't see the rules before adding something to the UL. Either that or just paranoid after finding out the rules later.

  • ANDREW221231
    ANDREW221231 Member Posts: 250 Saw

    yeah, after putting the noggin to it for a bit its gotta be something like what you said

    the first impression though was something written under duress lol

  • Studiowaves
    Studiowaves Member Posts: 312 Saw
    edited October 2022

    Could be, my first thought was paranoia while under the influence. lol How you doin'? Been fixing up the old shed and painting a bit around here while the weather is still nice. This summer has horrible. like 2 months of upper 90s. It was so hot, everyone's grass was thinning out. One guys looked great but he said his water bill was two hundred and sixty dollars. I still remember Rolando freaking out over the heat a while back. Man that was bad, I think his spring is coming up, lets go there. lol Check out this sound Andrew. Ya, it's me, messing around with sounds, I just like the overall sound. Let me know what you think about it. Talk later

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