Toybox Tangle Pack Released

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We are super excited to announce the release of the latest Toybox pack for Reaktor Blocks: The Tangle Pack.

This one is super special. Bringing together the best bits of all our packs from the last 2 years.

300 advanced Reaktor blocks for modern sound design. The Tangle Pack is a new suite of powerful blocks based on legendary Eurorack modules, with some unique blocks for advanced synthesis and sound creation.

Features include:

  • Tangle Oscillator, a powerful oscillator block that fuses extreme phase distortion (twisting, warping, repeating and mixing basic waveforms for knotted and twisted sounds) with FM synthesis, great for thick, harmonically rich timbres. The block also features 7 lo-fi modes which authentically model vintage convertors with gritty digital noise and jitter, great for dirty old-school digital synth sounds.
  • A flexible analog modelled filter with 8 different models (Moog, Korg, Roland etc). A variety of filter slopes plus notch and comb filters are available. All filter types can be flexibly re-ordered and morphed.
  • A high quality wavefolder block closely modelled on the timbre effect found in the Buchla Easel.
  • A collection of powerful modulation blocks, including the Ramp Generator block, based on one half of the Make Noise 'Maths' function generator Eurorack module, plus a flexible multi-breakpoint envelope generator and a collection of randomising blocks: chaos, brownian motion etc.
  • A curated selection of 'Nano' utility blocks, updated and revised specially for the pack.
  • A collection of high-quality and innovative effect and processing blocks based on popular Eurorack modules.
  • A flexible global snapshots system. Snapshots can be stored for each individual block or for the whole rack, then selected and morphed using the Snapshots block. 
  • Updated Nano Sequencer blocks included for building generative sequences, arpeggiators or generating complex phrases. Multiple Sequencer Segment blocks can be daisy-chained for a ratcheting style step sequencer of any length. The Conditional block works using a similar idea to the ‘conditional trigs’ found in the Elektron series of groove boxes, great for organic evolving sequences.
  • Bleeding-edge dsp and analog modelling techniques.
  • All blocks are also available as polyphonic versions as well as an extensive collection of polyphonic 'Nano' Blocks, available for the first time.

The pack can be used without any limitations with the free Reaktor Player (no need for the full version of Reaktor).

INTRO PRICE $45.00 (normal price $64)

More information:



  • bolabo
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    Here's a quick video showing some sounds from the Tangle Oscillator and some of it's 'lo-fi' modes. Only the oscillator's 'sine' waveform shape is used here, using the phase distortion knobs (Repeat, Bend & Pulse Width) for some 'bubbly' fun :) -->

  • nanotable
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    This looks and sounds fantastic! Although it’s a bit confusing for people who already own the other packs, as there seems to be quite an overlap. Usually I’m loading Blocks into a Rack by hitting return and typing away — I’m a bit afraid it could be a PITA to select the right Block this way, especially if there are slight but maybe important differences between them.

    Well, I’ll probably get it anyway, just for the Tangle Osc, and the polyphonic Blocks, and the Waveshaper, and the Ramp, and … 😅

  • bolabo
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    Yeah there are a bunch of nano utility blocks in there, but everything is updated and tweaked for this pack. Although to be honest I don't find it a problem finding the blocks that I need when using the return key. The pack is a gold mine for sure!

  • bolabo
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    This is the "Alkaline Sequence" rack that is included with the Tangle Pack. It's a good demonstration of some of the raunchy clangorous tones possible with the 'Folder' block (based on the timbre effect found in the Buchla Easel).

  • bolabo
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    Here is a cheatsheet for the Tangle Oscillator included in the Tangle Pack:

    The Tangle Oscillator is capable of some pretty complex and harmonically rich sounds. It is based on a fusion of phase distortion (twisting, warping, repeating and mixing basic waveforms for knotty twisted sounds) with FM synthesis. There is a full description of the block and it's various knobs and ports here:

  • Moonbot7000
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    This pack finally made me pull the trigger and I bought it yesterday...and I can say that it doesn't disappoint, like it's really freaking good. The tangle oscillator and multi filter sound amazing. The tangle is comparable to some of the best oscillator units anywhere I've seen, in and outside of reaktor. The structure and deep parameter customization is also brilliant and implemented in a very easy to use and access way. Also, there's just a ton in here, I can't really do the whole thing justice, but I've always had to avoid using racks because of a lack of utility options, I always found myself wanted to go in and add some simple macros, but with the utilities provided in the nano format, it's basically all there. Really happy with my purchase. There's a ton in there, I hardly scratched the surface, but just wanted to share my thoughts and experience with this and thank you for the great work and reasonable price point!

  • bolabo
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    Thanks for the praise Moonbot7000!! Really great to hear that! :)

    By the way the link to the Tangle Oscillator information in my post seems to be broken, this one should work:

  • bolabo
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    We just created a cheatsheet for the Tangle Pack Filter -->

    Go here to see it larger -->

  • bolabo
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    Another video! :) In this one CinningBao explores the different models found in the Filter from the Toybox Tangle Pack and takes a look at how the 'Resonance Compensation' control (found on the block's options page) effects the sound of each model:

  • bolabo
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    Sound designer CinningBao takes another deep dive, this time into the Ramp Generator block in the Tangle Pack.

    The Ramp Generator is a multi-purpose block based on one half of the Make Noise 'Maths' Eurorack module. The block can be used as a ramp signal generator, several types of envelope (with or without sustain), a slew processor, a clock generator, a versatile oscillator, a filter, a voltage processor, a pitch-glide effect with separate control of ‘up’ and ‘down’ speeds, a waveshaper or anything in-between -->

  • bolabo
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    Just to let you know that we are running a July 4th sale on the Toybox website. The Synth Bundle is currently on sale for just $26 (Normal price $65). The Synth Bundle is a great companion to the Tangle Pack. It extends the polyphonic capabilities of the pack with a suite of powerful self-contained polyphonic synthesisers (that use a variety of synthesis techniques: FM, virtual analog, supersaw etc).

    The Synth Bundle also includes the Piano Roll block. This block has more features than any DAW piano roll (seriously!). Groups of notes can be shifted, warped flipped, reversed, transposed, quantised and adapted to a scale, freely and in realtime using any modulation signal in your rack. Combined with the polyphonic blocks in the Tangle Pack you have infinite possibilities for sound design and sequencing!

    Checkout the Piano Roll tutorials on the Toybox YouTube channel, here:

    A full description of all the blocks in the Synth Bundle is here:

    For more information on the July 4th sale, visit the toybox website! -->


  • bolabo
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    Here's another cheatsheet for the conditional sequencer in the Tangle Pack, it's part of a series of cheatsheets for the sequencer blocks, which you can see here:

  • bolabo
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    Here is a quick play-through of a selection of the racks that are included with the Tangle Pack

  • bolabo
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    Just to let you folks know that today is the FINAL DAY of the Toybox July 4th sale. The Synth Bundle is currently on sale for just $26 (Normal price $65). The Synth Bundle is a great companion to the newly released Tangle Pack and also includes the amazing Piano Roll block, here's some praise for it from the internet:

    "This thing is so deep and thoughtfully designed; it continues to amaze" - DC

    "Such a great block. so flexible for basic stuff and super weird experimentations A+" - Buried InTime

    "Best Reaktor block i ever saw" - Cinebient

    "A more powerful and quick to use piano roll than in any of the 4+ DAWs I've tried" - MW

    More info on the Toybox website:

    Below is a cheatsheet showing how you can hook up the Piano Roll block to a simple polyphonic synth using the blocks in the Tangle Pack -->

    Click HERE to download the cheatsheet -->

  • bolabo
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    Below is a cheatsheet for the Modulation Lane block from the Tangle Pack. Click here to see it in more detail:

    The Modulation Lane is a versatile block which lets you accurately draw in patterns of modulation.

    It can be used as a multi-breakpoint envelope, a custom LFO or a DAW-style automation lane for slow passages of modulation. It works at ‘audio-rate’ so you can even use it as a wave-shaper or a complex drawable oscillator.

    The tangle pack is still available at the intro price of $45. Also due to demand we are continuing the July 4th Sale until this weekend. The Synth Bundle (including the Piano Roll block) is still available at just $26 for the whole bundle (normal price $65). More info here:

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