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Big fan of auto-sampler here! Below is my 4-layer sound - SEMtech - sort of a pseudo machinery/rhythmical noise source. I did 4 takes of different patches and merged them into single 4-layer sound manually. Samples got shuffled in the process of merging and I liked it better that way. It spreads throuh 5 octaves (0-4). Maschine did the loop detection and I truncated the out-of-loop parts to keep the size low.

SE Boomstar SEM was used as sound source (with Reaktor's DWG oscillator block for one layer) so I named it SEMtech.

PS: One trick that I like to do with auto -sampler is to ignore MIDI and auto-sample a song, radio signal or acoustic recording (so technically just chopping any audio and assigning it to notes). Then I feed it with some generative sequencing patch and wait for surprises… Monteverdi, audio books or solo free jazz recordings work well IMO.

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