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Here's an FM Bass I made on my MODX. Mostly posting just to share the learning experience.

3 velocity layers. There's a more pronounced percussive attack with higher velocities. I used some of the shaping options in maschine and a few effects to give it a bit of character. I started the sampling down at C0. Note to self; check where the usable range is and don't sample below it. I should have started this at C1. I used a stride of 4; so C, E, G#, and back to C.

I used a short note on and a relatively small sample time. The patch in my synth has a short decay. That's the sound I was after, but it would have made sense to give it a sustain and a longer note on length. I can use the envelope in maschine for shaping. This could have been more useful/reusable/tweakable if recorded a bit differently.

Hope it's useful to someone.


  • Space Cat 303
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    Thanks, can't wait to try

    Could you confirm the location where to unzip the Zip on the SD card?

    thanks again

  • Space Cat 303
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    Ok, I installed the folder directly in the Sound folder, it's perfect.

    The sound is very good, thank you, if you allow me, I would like to add that indeed, you should have reduced the number of octaves, but added more heights of velocity. but I made a bass line with the arpeggiator, and the middle velocity and it sounds very good

  • Trav
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    sweet!! thank you!!!😎

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