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Any drawbacks of having all my music on a USB stick?

mecbridio1r Member Posts: 3 Sine

My Traktor Pro laptop is pretty much stationary in my 'dj room', but I kinda like to fiddle around with remix decks and what not on my desktop instead, one floor lower. More screens, comfy chair etc. Are there any drawbacks of having all my music on a USB stick, which I then use on both computers? If I am correct I could export my Traktor data from the laptop to the USB, overwrite it on my desktop and do my thing, once done export that again to the USB to overwrite it on my laptop. Bit cumbersome but would it work?

When you're done using your files on another person's laptop, how do you delete them from the other DJ's collection? Sometimes, I don't want other DJs to know the name of tracks I've used or haven't used that night, sometimes I delete the history, and etc. Also, I tend to "clean up after myself" so that they don't have a bunch of a missing tracks in their collection because I ejected my collection out via flash drive.



  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 1,855 admin

    I believe that's doable. Your music can be stored wherever you want as long as there's a Root Folder on both of your computers' internal hard disk. But this means you always need to have a usb stick in your computer when you open up Traktor. Can @Ryan_NI pls confirm this?  

  • Sunborn
    Sunborn Member Posts: 246 Saw
    edited May 2022

    It is really simple:

    Put everything not on a USB stick, but on an external hard drive! Then, use this external drive permanently, everywhere! For example: Make a folder D:\Music (or whatever you like), put all your music there and include the Traktor root folder too (remove it from C:\Users\***username***\Documents\Native Instruments)!

    Then open Traktor and go to Preferences --> File Management and replace the paths (as you see in the image below)

    Then you simply take this hard drive where ever you go and plug it on any other computer, for example the laptop of a friend who also has Traktor. Now in order to use your stuff (and not his), open Traktor right-click on Track Collection and choose Import another collection. A window opens, then you navigate to your own disk and choose your own collection. Restart Traktor and all your stuff is there, including tags, cues and whatever else!

    Finally when you are done, you remove your hard drive and your friend re-import his own collection! And to answer your last question, there is nothing to delete or to care about, since everything was on your disk and not on your friends disk! 😉

    Note: When you are at home and you have (lets say) 3 computers with 3 Traktor, if you make the above configuration on every computer, then there is no need to import, export, override etc. ANYTHING! Just plug your disk and open Traktor

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