Kontakt ver. 7.8

Wlodzislaw Member Posts: 7 Member

"The currently available software version is 7.8.0. Please make sure that your installation is up-to-date."

And how can I do it? Native Access says that my version 7.6.1 is up-to-date, although Ethereal Earth asks me to use at least 7.7.


  • grzaudio
    grzaudio Member Posts: 5 Member

    I'm in the same situation.

    What should we do?

  • Jim Wallace
    Jim Wallace Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I received the error that I needed to update to 7.8.1, I currently have 7.7.3. Reached out to support and they gave me a link for a download to the same version I have and said that challenge was resolved and stopped responding to my request for help with this.

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