Crash on Apple Silicone (->Workaround)

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First, I’m aware that this is more of a hint than a BUG Report, because I can’t really track it down or reproduce it. I also didn’t test it in 3.11 but after several posts on the forum it seems that this also happens with the latest version.

I hope this could help the developers to find the cause of these crashes on Apple Silicone.

Technical Specs:

Traktor Pro Plus 3.9 / 3.10, Macbook Pro M2pro, 16GB Ram, MacOS Ventura 13.6, several audio devices (Pioneer, Audio6 /10, Kontrol s4mk3)


With 3.9 and 3.10 (the versions with native support of Apple Silicone) I experienced at every gig a fatal crash of Traktor. I also had to shot down MacOS completely. Unfortunaly I didn’t get a crashlog for Traktor.

The crash happened during loading a track into a stopped deck.

The deck flashes, the waveform got blurry, Traktor freezed, lost sound and then crashed completely.

The last time I experienced this, I was able to quickly open settings and disabled ‘Loading only into stopped deck’. This prevented Traktor from crashing!

After this I always have disabled this setting and I have never experienced such a crash anymore.

It was always when I had played a while (<1h) and the tracks I wanted to load weren’t definitively not corrupted, I played them also on several times before without such a crash.

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  • jprat
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    Hello, I had an incident of the same caliber but first it wouldn't let me load the file on deck "A"
    (message to stop playback first). Go into preferences and disable the deck stopped loading option.
    Minutes later the same thing happened to me as with OliberGross: blurred waves and total blockage.
    Traktor Pro 3 didn't close either, I had to restart the system.
    Technical specifications:
    Traktor Pro 3.10, Macbook Pro M1pro, 16GB Ram, MacOS Ventura 13.6 (Denon dj x1850)

  • OliverGross
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    Hey jprat,

    I saw in your specs that you are still on 3.10.

    This bug should be fixed in 3.11 they said. I‘m still testing but yes it could be that they got it.

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